Kingsley Barracks, Hof, 1965
(Source: Jim Kezar (USAF) via Hof Reunion Association web site)

Very nice aerial shot of Kinglsey. The Air Force operations site operated by the 6915th RSM is clearly visible in the upper center of the photo. (Check out the Hof Reunion web site for a wonderful collection of photos that show Army as well as Air Force operations at Hof.)

Quite a bit of detail - as a matter of fact, if you look to the top of the pic, between the OPS site and the edge of the DP camp, past the cultivated fields, you can just make out the old airstrip running sort of diagonally from lower on the right to higher about the center. Somebody has posted pics of BGS border patrol planes on one of the Army sites on this old strip which actually dates from 1919. Kaserne itself dates from 1936, and those smaller single story barracks at the top right of the kaserne date from 1935 (temp barracks for the construction crews). Those buildings after the war became the DP camp. They deteriorated sometime after the 70's to a point of no return. I think the original cost of the kaserne was 35 Million Reichsmarks in 1936. (Source: Jerry Mangas, Hof Reunion Assn.)