Rheinhafen (Rhine Harbor), Karlsruhe, late 1950s
author's collection)
Close up aerial view of the facility occupied by the Rhine River Patrol's Unit K.
Comments from Ralph Rice, Unit K
What you have here is fully accurate. I remember in particular the Army housing at the edge of Paul Revere Village because some of our married senior enlisted and officers lived there.

Paul Revere Village also contained in a horseshoe design plaza all of the community resale facilities that we were able to use, such as the Commissary, PX, snack bar, movie theatre, gas station, bowling alleys and of course the Class VI Store and the clubs, great and fond memories.

My lady friend's dad was a German army POW and was held prisioner by us after being transferred from French custody to us.
He liked to tell me the story of the food they had while being held in U.S. custody. He was very fond of chili and peanut butter because he had never had them before so I would every so often get him a can of Hormel's chili and a jar of Skippy peanut butter out of the PX quick stop store. He really enjoyed that.

Yes, I remember all those kasernes in and around Karlsruhe, very nice city to be stationed at. One of those kasernes was home to an Artillery battalion that had the 280mm Long Tom field piece that was taken overland down the roads from Karlsruhe to Germersheim on the Rhine, where they would meet up with us on alert and we would load it on the LCU 3G (tight fit) and take it with its cannoneers across the Rhine for assault.

I had had a good understanding of this equipment as I had served an enlistment in a 105mm field artillery battalion in the Mass NG prior to my naval service and I had volunteered for duty on the LCU-3 G  for that purpose.

So anyhow Walter this Karlsruhe page has rought back many fond memories for me and I shall save it and forward it on to the RRP vets in our association.