Husterhoeh Kaserne, Pirmasens, 1966-68
Richard Tracy)
A shot of "parallel parking" (a VW convention?) next to Bldg 4618, taken from my room on the second floor of HHB in Bldg 4619. To the best of my recollection ... AWSCOM Headquarters was located in Building 4616: they also had a unit (another HQ/Ordnance/MP/Signal?) quartered in Building 4618, directly across the street from the HHB / 2 / 56 barracks (in Building 4619); and they had office space "next door" to us (in Building 4617). The street (Delaware Avenue) between Buildings 4618 and 4619 was very narrow: parking was strictly "Verboten" in front of HHB, and there was "Parallel Parking Only" in front of Building 4618; the street widened out beyond "our" two buildings, which allowed "nose-in parking" in front of Buildings 4617 and 4616 -- the arrangement visible in Al Galbraith's nice photo of AWSCOM HQ.... [One of his shots looking out over Husterhoeh was taken from the HQ offices (I believe), and shows Building 4617 (directly across from 4616) on the left and Building 4614 -- which had a small snack bar in its basement -- on the right.... In the distance, you can see the soccer field, bowling alley, and post theater; that motor pool was operated by 2 / 56....] [We were there at pretty much the same time, and some of our "POMCUS pictures" show the same snowstorm!]