Nellingen Kaserne, Nellingen, Sept 1952
(Unknown photographer)

New barracks building at Nellingen Kaserne, September 1952. It appears that significant construction was done at Nellingen prior to arrival of augmentation units from the United States after the outbreak of conflict in Korea.
(Photos are from a photo album without a name or additional references. However, photos included Nellingen near Stuttgart and Fliegerhorst Ksn in Hanau and a truck with unit markings. Date on back of pictures state they were taken in September 1952. My guess is they were taken by a member of the 141st Tank Bn just after they arrived in the European theater. The unit must have been located at Nellingen for a brief time before moving to Fliegerhorst in Hanau. This is very possible as the former Hanau Signal Depot (= Fliegerhorst) was probably being rehabiliated after the Signal Depot moved to Pirmasens.)