Emery Barracks, Würzburg, 1970-71
Steve Cobb)
Looking over the eastern part of the post towards Wuerzburg. The motor park across the street from the barracks was assigned to the 69th Gp. I remember having to take jeeps there almost everyday to have them fixed, these jeeps barely ran and most of them did not. Most of these were left over from WWII. This was the Army's best kept secret. Everything we had was nothing but junk, and did not work (well). As far as the pink paint goes (some of the buildings on post were painted pink, see building in left hand corner)...I'm sure it's just the fact that that is what the Army probably had at the time to use. They were always getting deals on paint from the locals because of the time it took to get real paint from the world. We had to rely on the local economy for most of the nice stuff we needed...the good stuff was always procured from the black market activities.