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Installation Maps

1. Flint Kaserne, Bad Tölz, late 1980s (169 KB)

2. Kimbro Barracks, Murnau, late 1950s (262 KB)

3. Prinz Heinrich Kaserne, Lenggries, late 1950s (108 KB)


Topographical maps of Bad Tölz and surrounding area.

1. Prinz Heinrich Kaserne, Lenggries
2. Flint Kaserne, Bad Tölz
3. Bad Tölz AAF

4. Dependent Housing Area

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Topographical maps of Murnau and surrounding area.

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Murnau Topo (KB)

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Flint Ksn


A. SS-Junkerschule Tölz, pre 1945


Aerial of Flint Kaserne, Bad Tölz, 1950

Flint Kaserne and Dependent Housing Area (Webmaster's collection)

Flint Kaserne, Bad Tölz, c 1984 (Charles Everett)

1. Aerial view of Flint Kaserne, 1945

2. Aerial view of Flint Kaserne, 1950
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3. Aerial view of Flint Kaserne, 1990

4. Aerial of Flint Ksn and Dependent HA, mid 1950s

5. Bad Tölz Dependent Housing, mid 1950s

6. Main Gate, Flint Kaserne, mid 1950s

7. 10th SF Group on parade at Flint, mid 1950s

8. Members of 10th SFG walk in the snow towards the main gate

9. Inside of Flint Kaserne, early 1960s

10. Flint Kaserne, 1950

11. Flint Ksn, early 1950s

12. Flint Ksn, early 1950s

13. Main gate, late 1950s

14. Main gate, late 1950s

Flint Kaserne, Bad Tölz, c 1977 (Charles Everett)

Flint Kaserne, Bad Tölz, c 1977 (Charles Everett)

15. AAF and Family Housing

16. Tower and hangars

17. Close up

18. Wooden hangar


20. 1st SF Bn barracks?

Prinz Heinrich Ksn


A. Jäger Kaserne, pre WWII

B. Prinz Heinrich Kaserne, pre WWII

C. Jäger Kaserne, pre WWII

D. Prinz Heinrich Kaserne, pre WWII

E. PHK main gate pre WWII

F. PHK main gate pre WWII

Prinz Heinrich Kaserne, Lenggries

Prinz Heinrich Kaserne, Lenggries (Charles Everett)

1. Prinz Heinrich Kaserne seen from the Kogelberg, early 1950s

2. Zoomed image of photo #1

3. Quartermaster School headquarters building, Bldg 201

4. Student Company A, Bldg 205, center and on right

5. Bldg 213

6. Student Company C, Building

6. QM soldiers in front of the PX building

7. PHK in 1956


QM School sign in Lenggries, 1955 (Webmaster's collection)

Prinz Heinrich Kaserne, 1955 (Webmaster's collection)

Prinz Heinrich Kaserne, 1955 (Webmaster's collection)

8. German eagle statue

9. Parade ground

10. Headquarters building

11. Lenggries

12. Kennels

13. Service club

14. Service club activities

15. Baseball field

Kimbro Ksn


1. Kimbro Kaserne, Murnau, late 1950s

2. Murnau O' Club, Schloss Neu Eggling, 1969

Kimbro Kaserne, Murnau, c. 1960

Kimbro Kaserne with Murnau dependent housing (German Postcard)

Kimbro Kaserne sometime after return to the German government (German Postcard)

Kaserne Histories
US Army Installations:
Flint Kaserne, Bad Tölz
Prinz Heinrich Kaserne, Lenggries
Kimbro Barracks, Murnau

HISTORY of Flint Kaserne
(Source: The "Kaserne" at Bad Tölz, Third US Army Headquarters, probably published in 1946)
The kaserne at Bad Tölz was designated as the Headquarters for Third US Army in May 1945. On 23 May 1945, Third US Army Headquarters (Fwd) moved from Regensburg, where it had been located on VE-Day, to the kaserne. The new headquarters area consisted of approximately 40 acres that formerly had been occupied by a German "Junkerschule."

This installation was considered to be one of the finest military posts in Bavaria.The main building consisted of some 900 rooms built in the shape of a quadrangle building, and it afforded such facilities as offices, barracks, messes, chapel, theater and post exchange. Other facilities within the headquarters area included laundry, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, athletic field, stable, riding hall, and motor pool.

Third Army headquarters was located at Bad Tölz until April 1946, when it moved to Heidelberg.

During Third Army's stay in Bad Tölz it was assigned the general mission of occupying the German Land (state) of Bavaria.

(Source: The Grape Leaf, sometime in 1953)
Flint Kaserne, Bad Toelz was the site of Headquarters, 1st (Inf) Division, from September 1946 until January 1951.

The kaserne was occupied by Headquarters, Special Troops, and 3rd Bn, 169th Inf Regt, of the 43rd Division, from October 1951 until the summer of 1952 when the regiment moved to Nuernberg.

HISTORY of Prinz Heinrich Kaserne
(Source: Email from Bill Newman)
The 631st Tank Destroyer Battalion moved into the Prinz Heinrich Kaserne within days after the end of WWII in May 1945. On no website about the kaserne do I find any mention of our being there.

Related Links:
Prinz Heinrich Kaserne, Lenggries. A great website hosted by the German Luftwaffe, in German. The Kaserne is scheduled for closure in 2003. A Farewell Tatoo will be held on 28/29 June, 2002 at Lenggries. Many wonderful photos from the various periods of the Kaserne's history. The American period (1945 - 1970) is covered on Page 5 of the photo series.