Tank Company, 16th Infantry Regiment
Hank Johnson)
Tk 24. Mar 1953. Same platoon, after 4 weeks in the field. In his later years, my father viewed this photo and dryly remarked... "The only thing the M-47 was good at, was being a range target at Graf."
Battalion Commander and Staff, 2d Bn, 16th Inf. Organization Day, 1950. LT Bill LeGro (upper right) would remain my father's friend for the remainder of their lives. LT LeGro fought the Japanese in the PTO and would retire as a COL in the early 1970s. He was featured prominently in the TV documentary "VIETNAM - The 10,000 Day War". Upon hearing of my father's passing, he paid Dad the ultimate warrior compliment...... "If the Russians had ever come, it was Pete Johnson I wanted in my foxhole."