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5th Infantry Division
Red Diamond

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

Division History


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Inf Regts
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5th QM Co
5th Repl Co
5th Med Bn
705th Ord Bn

759th Tank Bn

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Division History
(Source: STARS & STRIPES, May 25, 1954)
The changeover of the 43rd Infantry Division at Augsburg to the 5th Infantry Division on May 25, 1954 was a paper redesignation.

Although the STRIPES article states that the changeover involved no troop movements, a review of the STATION LISTS for 15 Aug 1953 (pre-changeover) and 15 Aug 1954 (post-changeover) indicates that the 109th FA Bn (previously a 28th Inf Div unit) was originally located at Dillingen, but as the newly designated 46th FA Bn, the outfit was located at Augsburg. So, the artillery unit either made the move to Augsburg prior to the changeover or soon afterwards.

A mass review of all of the elements of the 43rd Inf Div was held at the Augsburg air strip (Gablingen?) on May 25 as part of the changeover ceremonies.
43rd Infantry Divison Redesignated 5th Infantry Division, May 1954
(Source: several STARS & STRIPES articles, May, 1954)
Hq/Hq Co, 43rd Inf Div Hq/Hq Co, 5th Inf Div Flak Ksn, Augsburg
43rd QM Co 5th QM Co Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg
743rd Ord Bn 705th Ord Bn Flak Ksn, Augsburg
43rd Div Band 5th Div Band Flak Ksn, Augsburg
43rd MP Co 5th MP Co Flak Ksn, Augsburg
43rd Repl Co 5th Repl Co Flak Ksn, Augsburg
43rd Sig Co 5th Sig Co Flak Ksn, Augsburg
102nd Inf Regt 11th Inf Regt Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg
169th Inf Regt (1) 39th Inf Regt Monteith Bks, Nürnberg -> transferred to 9th Inf Div
172nd Inf Regt 2nd Inf Regt Warner Bks, Munich
Hq/Hq Btry, 43rd Div Arty Hq/Hq Btry, 5th Div Arty Flak Ksn, Augsburg
103rd FA Bn 21st FA Bn Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg
192nd FA Bn (2) 26th FA Bn O'Brien Ksn, Schwabach -> transferred to 9th Inf Div
206th FA Bn 50th FA Bn Will Ksn, Munich
963rd FA Bn 19th FA Bn Sheridan Ksn, Augsburg
169th AAA Bn 47th AAA Bn Will Ksn, Munich
143rd Tank Bn 759th Tank Bn Henry Ksn, Munich
43rd Recon Co 5th Recon Co Munich
118th Engr Cbt Bn 7th Engr Cbt Bn Henry Ksn, Munich
118th Med Bn 5th Med Bn Warner Bks, Munich
(1) The 169th Inf Regt was redesignated as 39th Inf Regt and concurrently reassigned to the 9th Inf Div; the 10th Inf Regt (formerly designated as the 109th Inf Div, 43rd Inf Div) was reassigned to the 5th Inf Div.
(2) The 192nd FA Bn was redesignated as 26th FA Bn and concurrently reassigned to the 9th Inf Div; the 46th FA Bn (formerly designated as the 109th FA Bn, 43rd Inf Div) was reassigned to the 5th Inf Div.

August 5, 1955 issue of the DIAMOND DUST
(click on image to view the entire issue)

Division Organization
(Source: STATION LIST, 31 Dec 1955)
Hq/Hq Co, 5th Inf Div   Augsburg
5th QM Co   Augsburg
705th Ord Bn Augsburg
5th MP Co Augsburg
5th CIC Det Augsburg
35th Inf Scout Dog Pltn Augsburg
5th Repl Co Augsburg
5th Sig Co   Augsburg
2nd Inf Regt   Munich  
10th Inf Regt Gablingen
11th Inf Regt Augsburg
Hq/Hq Btry, 5th Div Arty   Augsburg
19th FA Bn (105mm)(T)   Augsburg  
21st FA Bn (155mm)(T)   Augsburg 155mm howitzers; general support
46th FA Bn (105mm)(T)   Augsburg  
50th FA Bn (105mm)(T)   Munich  
47th AAA AW Bn (SP)   Munich
759th Tank Bn (90mm) Munich
5th Recon Co   Munich
7th Engr Cbt Bn Munich
5th Med Bn Munich
2nd Inf Regt
Pocket Patch
10th Inf Regt
Pocket Patch
11th Inf Regt
Pocket Patch

759th Tank Battalion

C Company, 759th Tank Bn, Henry Kaserne, Munich (John Weaver)
759th Tank Battalion DUI

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