631st Tactical Control Flight
Paul Costinett)
This is our M-50 that was torched by an arson.  Sgt Phillip Browne was the charge of quarters that night.  He said a guy knocked on the glass to tell him the truck was burning.  That guy was determined, I believe, to be the arsonist.  The truck was positioned down in the mobility area, which was a lower level than where the radar sail and AGE shop sat.
GUIDO!!!!  Supply guy.  Real name, Frank Gallardo.  Great guy.

SrA or Sgt Rich McMahon, my best friend, pulling bunker duty at Kaltenbuch.  We didn't have digging rights, so all bunkers
had to be above ground boxes made out of sandbags and poorly concealed with camo netting.  Inside each bunker was the
bunker guard, a brick, a field telephone, an M-16 carried by the guard and an M-60 with a box of ammo.  Not much room for
all that crap, so you often sat outside the bunker.