Equipment used by Army Aviation in Europe
(Source: TM 11-5895-241-34 / July 1974)
Communications Control Set AN/FSW-8(V)
The Communication Control Set AN/FSW-8(V) provides radio communication control and displays meteorological data and field status information for control towers and ground control approach (GCA) systems as required at class A, B, or C airfields. An AN/FSW-8(V) system may be composed of either two Consoles, Communication Control OA-2055/ FSW-8 or OA-2056/FSW-8, one Meteorological Display Console OA-2054/FSW-8, one Indicator, Field Status ID-877/FSW-8 with Switch Box SA-751/FSW-8 and one Communication Station, Remote Control OA-3014/FSW-8. One OA-2055/FSW-8 or one OA-2056/FSW-8 is required for each control position provided for at a particular airfield. One OA2054/FSW-8 must be installed in the control tower adjacent to either the OA-2055/FSW-8 or OA-2056/FSW-8, regardless of the class of the airfield. An additional OA-2054/FSW-8 is required at the GCA facility if the GCA equipment does not display the necessary meteorological data.
The OA-2054/FSW-8 provides visual display of time of day, windspeed, wind direction, and barometric pressure readings. The unit also contains flight data boards on which the operator maintains flight progress information concerning the landing and
departure times of aircraft utilizing the particular airfield.