16th Air Operation Detachment
(Source: J., 16th AOD/14th AATRIC/14th ATC)
Ludwigsburg AAF (Pattonville), 1963 - day of Open House/Fly In. J. landed these German civilian planes entirely in German until a German Controller from Stuttgart Int'l showed up, which was after they had all landed. On the day of the Fly In, the Major OIC (not of the 14th ATC) was very upset because the German controller was late. When J. started to land the civilian aircraft in German, the Major asked "can he do that?" SFC Mayhew, NCOIC of the 14th Tower/GCA Section, looked at J. in the tower and with a dry smile, said "I guess he can."    
Ludwigsburg AAF (Pattonville), 1963 - day of civilian Fly In. SFC Lewis G. Mayhew, NCOIC 14th ATC Tower/GCA section - his men really liked him.