67th Aviation Company
(Source: RC Neeb, Jr.)
View from the military side of the Flughafen across the active runway is the Civilian Terminal and associated aviation facilities. Also the motor pool of the 67th was over there on the r/h side of the jpg but is not visible. Some troops were billeted there, too.    
Sgt George Speery & his dog Rex. Speery had flown with the RAF during WW2 and was held as a POW in the Stuttgart area if I remember that right. Great NCO & pretty well wrote his own ticket in the 67th. Used to bring Rex to work frequently. At one time he ran a small civilian FBO (acft maint opn) but came back into the Army. He & I were the only 2 mechanics that had FAA licenses with "Airframe & Powerplant" ratings. Wish I had gotten a close up of that jpg. That building in the background is the Officers BOQ.