Wertheim Army Airfield, around 1963
(Source: George Reese, 351st Avn Co)
Wertheim circa 1963, 351st Avn Co, Peden Barracks. I was there in 1969 and the hangar looks the same. Our CH-34s didn't look nearly so nice when I was there. Wonder what the story is behind the bladestrike. It doesn't look like the blades were at full rpm otherwise there would have been more damage. Maybe it happened at the bottom of an auto where pilot let RPM get down really low, and hit tail low, letting blade flex. If the aircraft was brand new, they may have been undergoing transition. The hats they are wearing were worn around the 1962-63 timeframe and that is what I am guessing is the year. You might be able to identify the unit by its markings and serial number, but I think 351st.