6960th CLG, 1950s
Günter Oswald)

An MLC 100 raft is used to transport light artillery to the other side of the river during a winter field exercise.
The MLC 100 was capable of ferrying up to two heavy tanks. At each bridge site, two of these heavy rafts were
employed - one on each side of the river. Since one raft could do four river crossings per hour, up 16 tanks could be
ferried over at a bridge site every hour. To cross over an entire brigade in one night, several bridge sites would
to be utilized.


Three MLC 100 rafts on the left bank at Bridge Site Gernsheim. The raft in the middle is the only one of the 12 rafts employed
by the CLG units that had a ramp bay with a Bailey superstructure. All the others utilized the stretched ramps of the Class 60 float bridge.
With the additional length the ramps could reach the shore no matter what the height of the water was at the crossing site.