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97th Engineer Construction Battalion
24th Engineer Group

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

Battalion History 

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1951 - 1967

1967 - 1968

Battalion History
1951 - 1968

97th Engineer Bn (Cons) DI

(Source: US Army Corps of Engineers website, accessed March 29, 2013)

A very detailed history of the 97th Engineer Construction Battalion during its service in Europe (1951-1967 in France; 1967-1968 in Germany) can be found on the "97th Engineer Battalion (Construction)" website.

The chapter on the battalion's service in the Communications Zone in France can be downloaded at: link
The chapter on the battalion's relocation to Pirmasens (FRELOC) and service in Germany can be downloaded at: link

Both files are in PDF format and require the Adobe Reader.


Cas. Sidi Brahim, Etain, France - home of HQ 97th Engr Bn (Const) 1961-1965 (IGN website)

Cas. Sidi Brahim installation map 1964
(Click on image to see higher resolution and notes)
Based on some STATION LISTS I have studied, HQ 97th Engr Bn and C Company moved from Verdun to Étain sometime between the end of 1959 and the end of 1960.

Again, using STATION LISTS, it appears that the 97th moved to Gribeauval Caserne in Verdun sometime in late 1965.

Would like to hear from you if you have more definitive information on the 97th Engr Bn (Const) at Etain - see email link to webmaster at top of page.


The 97th Engineer Bn (Const) area on Husterhoeh Kaserne, late 1960s
(Photo courtesy 97th Engr Bn (Const) website; information Walter Elkins)

What's left of former 97th Engr Bn area on Husterhoeh Kaserne (GOOGLE Earth)
(Source: THE CONSTRUCTOR, January 1968 - 97th Engineer Battalion newspaper)

PIRMASENS, Germany (Const). On 21 Dec 67, a mandatory meeting was held for all personnel of the 97th Engr Bn. The subject of the meeting was the redeployment of the 97th to Ft Riley, KS. LTC Albert A Dupont, CO, 97th Engr Bn released the news that had been rumored for several months, that the 97th will redeploy to the States, sometime in Jul 68.

LTC Dupont also said, “We will continue to wear the USAREUR patch while in the States.” When the LTC made this statement, he pointed to his own shoulder, which happened to be barren of the USAREUR colors; needless to say his tailor was embarrassed.

All members of the 97th have answered questions that have been asked in a questionnaire dealing with the coming movement to CONUS. Some of the questions asked have to do with shipping of POV’s, sending dependents, whether housing will be desired on or off post, and if individual sponsored dependents would like to be sent directly to Ft Riley by aircraft. The troops have also been informed that the move will not stop any overseas rotations prior to 15 Jul 68, also that single EM who have not been in Europe for at least three months before redeployment, single officers and EM whose command sponsored dependents who have been here less that 12 months, will not redeploy with the unit.

The unit’s vehicles and heavy equipment will remain in Europe and be placed in depot storage prior to the move. This will mean an intensified maintenance program, which is scheduled to begin in mid-April.

The Bn’s construction projects are scheduled to be finished on or before 15 Jun 68. The finished products of Access Roads, Pirmasens and Road and Drainage Improvements, ROB, Kaiseralautern should be off the charts in late April or early May depending on the weather. Road construction in Zweibrucken is in the design stage now and erection of a prefab building in Gross Auheim started on 2 Jan 68 will be going full steam to meet their completion date.

Overall the emotions of all personnel concerned are mixed, the old-timers from France and Germany, are looking forward to the move, where on the other hand the new arrivals to Europe would like to stay around and see some of the old world.

(Source: 97th Engineer Battalion (Construction) website)
The 97th Engineer Battalion (Const), along with its sister battalion from the COMZ days, the 83rd Engr Bn (Const) - now in Heilbronn, was ordered to deploy back to the States as part of Operation REFORGER in 1968. The battalion's new home station was to be Fort Riley, KS.

The colors for the 97th Engineer Battalion were cased at Kleber Kaserne in Kaiserslautern, Germany (home of the 24th Engr Gp) just before the unit departed Germany.

The main body of the 97th Engineer Battalion (Const) left Germany for Fort Riley, KS, on 15 July 1968.

Pictured is LTC Albert A. Dupont, COL Glenn Ingwersen & LTC Arnold passing the 293rd Engr
Bn at the ceremony held at Kleber Kaserne, Kaiserslautern, early July 1968.
If you have more information on the history or organization of the 97th Engr Const Bn, please contact me.

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