40th Artillery Group (Redstone)
(Photo submitted by Jim Ryan who served in Btry A, 1st Msl Bn, 333rd Arty)
Members of the Battery "A" Firing Team - the human face of atomic artillery. These young men represent a cross section of 1961 young America, with the people shown ranging in age from 18 to 28. The crew chief on the right, Sgt. Andy Montgomery, from Alabama, is the oldest. Next to him is PVT E-2 Ezra Tilden, a Native American from Oklahoma. Private E-2 Henry Evenson on the left is 18 in this photo, and had been with us less than a month. PFC Cecil Coffee, 2nd from the left, age 21 from Texas. And the man taking the photo, Jim Ryan, age 21 from New York