507th Ordnance Company (HAM), 1956
Dave Gettman, son of CWO-2 Henry Gettman)
Officers of the Company at a dinner possibly at the O'Club.
(Any help with names would be appreciated.)
Photo #1 shows the unit crest and flag of the 8th Ordnance Bn. on the right and (guidon of the) 507th Ord Co on the left.
Three WW II battle streamers can be seen on the 8th Ord Bn flag with the outside streamer embroidered RHINELAND. 
I do not know the names of any of the people pictured, or what the occasion is, date, location, etc.
Photo #2 shows the guidon of the 881st Ord Co to the right of the Battalion flag. My dad is to the far left, front,
the only one in uniform. Mom is hidden behind him. I don't know anyone else from the photo.
Photo #3 shows the guidon of the 507th Ord Co.