510th Ordnance Company, 1962
Thomas McGeeney, 510th Ord Co)
Here's a picture of the 'Ole Nickle & Dime' when we passed in review at Sandia Base. It was April of 1962. We were lined up as follows. All the high ranking NCO's were on the right side of the company so their chevrons were viewed by the reviewing stand. All officers were in the front row, plus needed high ranking NCO's to fill out the ranks in the front row. All tall soldiers to the front. Because of my height, I was in the second row, but hidden by SP5 Freeman (2nd soldier in the front row). This is counting from the right file of the company. MSgt Walmsley is the 'Heavy Set' soldier in the middle of the picture, SP5 Freeman is to his right. 2Lt Silvera is to his right saluting and SFC Cashman is to his right. 1Lt Holland is to his right saluting and SFC Pulliam is to his right. The officer saluting is Capt Greenberg. Behind MSgt Walmsley is SSgt Pruitt and behind him is Sgt Horn. We had a parade every week or once a month I can't remember. Maybe once a week as we are missing some senior officers. Major Clute, our CO, was leading with the guidon bearer, SP4 Crowley, who are out of the picture. This ought to bring back some memories if any of the people in the picture happened to be surfing the net and find it.