86th Ordnance Detachment (Stock Accounting)
Gary Schuett)
IBM 407 Tabulator - The Tab reads a deck of punched cards on its integrated card reader, accumulate totals,
subtotals, or other simple statistics in counters made of gears, and prints the results on its integrated 132-column
line printer. A control panel is wired to specify the details of operation: which card columns to read,
what to do with them, and how to format the report.
IBM 082 Sorter - the sorter separates a deck of cards into lots of little piles. The IBM Type 82 Sorter deals cards
from a source deck into 13 output pockets (one pocket serves for rejects) at a rate of 600 cards per minute. To
fully sort a deck of cards required a number of passes through the sorter.