Schwaebisch Gmuend Maintenance Plant
Martin Krievs)
Picture taken in 1970 at Schwaebisch Gmuend Maintenance Plant. Shows the CDR, LTC Jack Leach congratulating Herr Otto Stohrer, Production Supervisor on the completion of our 340,000 major assembly. Looking on (other white coat) is Mr. Adolph (Vic) Mitterer, Director of Maintenance. That's me in Captain's bars behind Vic.
Taken at USAMP-SG in 1970 after Local National Awards Ceremony in front of Hq building. Front row left Co LTC Jack Leach. US staff among the local nationals in the back row includes:
John Finnigan - ADP Chief
Ralph Keefe - Dir of Supply
Don Endicott - Shipping and Receiving Chief
Jerry Knopp - Comptroller
CAPT Martin Krievs - Deputy Cdr
Adolph (Vic) Mitterer - Director of Maintenance