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59th Ordnance Brigade
US Army, Europe

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

Name Lists  
294th USAAG

294th US Army Artillery Group
(Source: Email from Dave Phillips, 13th Arty Det, July 1970-Dec 1971)

Ronald M. Nunez
David R. Phillips
Rae (Wag) Cunningham
William E. (Bill) Russell
James (Jim) McEntire
Jonathan Bauer
Marvin Edward Whitehead II
Timothy Martello
Jose Pena
Michael Blow (Joe Blow)
David Knapp
William Cajka
James D. Vinson
James Schlagel 
(Traverse City, Michigan)
Don Johnson
(Sgt E-5)
Charles Ball
(supply sergeant)
(mess sergeant)
Roger Jesseaume
Randell G. Johnson
(Tall thin supply sergeant and wife……)
Howard A. Norman
William C. Dodd
Sgt. McClellan (Mac)  
Bill McKeller
(supply sergeant)
James Jordan
Charles Winder
Clayton G. Ness
Dieter Hoffmann (CO)
Clinton L. Stokes II (CO)
Frank Morris Harford (CO) –
His hatchback green ‘stang.
Frank Frederico and Ginger
and baby ‘Frankie” (powder blue VW)

Sgt. Kenneth Zellner
Sgt. Ron Havranek
Major Thomas E. Kinney
Major McAleer
George Perez
Lt. Alexander Kirk Miller
Lt. Bruce A Muzzy
Lt. Hugh Bryant
James Cucci
Lt. Frank Prococinni
SGM Thomas C. Hossler
Wilbur (Bud) Stovall
Sgt. Mel Chambers
Lt. Orville Stokes
Glenn Sampson
Gary Montague
Rudy Troncoso  

“JJ” Murfreesboro, (Jones, Jimmy Jones??)
James (Jimmy) Jordan
Charles Winder
Daniel Martin
Gerald Ludwig
Sherrill Faust
Sgt. John Slothower
Redhead (Ron?)
(short, pudgy guy) McKenzie
Lt. James? Corcoran
(dad was 3 star general in Army)
Cecil Wheeler 
“Dave” Anderson?
(Signal Unit)
Lee, or Bruce Johnson (Lehi)
Signal unit
Olney Pyle
Col. Soucy  

From Susan Norman Chrispell:
Wayne Johnson
- Washington state
John Bauer
Glen Sampson
Ken Stone
- New York
Roger Jessaume
- Massachusetts
Walter Crum
- New York
Don Johnson
- Minnesota
Jim Schlegal
- Michigan
Joe Bero
- Minnesota
Bob Brewer 
LaFontaine, Leo
(SFC), 75th Det 1st Sgt.
Sylvania LaFontaine 
Wayne Johnson
Roger Davis aka “Shelby
from Shelby, NC.
from St Croix, VI
James C. Decker
, Opns S-3 Clerk from Alabama
MAJ Calvin O. Toye from Walla Walla, WA
CPT Barry Slack  

From Bud & Sheila Stovall 
James & Linda Crews (Cruse?)
, Waycross, GA originally
James & Alice Eaddy
, SC
Lt. Steve Rann & Lolly
Lt. Phifer (Piper?)
Maj. Michael McAleer
SFC Fred & Lisa Garstka
, last known Florida (75th Cook)
Cpt Homer H. Rusteberg

from Sweetwater TX

SFC Jimmy C Phelps

Still trying to look up old newsletters from the 75th for more names!
Cpt. Claxton Lovin
James and Martha Greene
Lt. and Susan Tunnel
Lt. & Peggy Lair
Sgt. & Rosy Ivins
Bruce Carpenter
Pat & Kay Powell Tassey
(supply sergeant) 

Meanwhile here are a few more names: 
Pat and Cees (Cecelia) Fury
Donald Riggs
Cpt Warren
Cpt Donald McClellen
(the German girl that married a US soldier...who was he?)

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