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24th Transportation Battalion
37th Transportation Highway Transport Division

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

History (1948-1957)

148th Trans Bn History

24th Trans Bn History

67th Trans Co

68th Trans Co

76th Trans Co

83rd Trans Co

524th Trans Co

148th Transportation Truck Battalion History
The 148th Trans Truck Bn arrived in Germany in 1951.

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, December 4, 1954)
The 148th Trans Truck Bn will officially inactivate on Dec 5, 1955 at a ceremony to be held at the battalion's headquarters at Krabbenloch Kaserne, Ludwigsburg. Concurrent with the inactivation, the 24th Trans Truck Bn will be activated and replace the 148th.

The above actions are being taken to allow the colors and history of the 148th to be returned to the control of the New York National Guard.

Another redesignation will take place at Kranbbenloch during the ceremony on Dec 5. The 721st Trans Co (Lt Truck), a Pennsylvania NG unit (and subordinate unit of the 148th), will be redesignated as the 68th Trans Co (Med Truck). The 721st will revert back to the PANG.

Webmaster note: In reading the information on the 24th Trans Bn below, it would appear that the 24th, originally located at Hanau, was inactivated there in Dec 1954, then reactivated at the new home station of Ludwigsburg as part of the actions mentioned above.... Anybody know more about this?

24th Transportation Truck Battalion History
1948 - 1957
24th Transportation Bn DUI
(Source: 37th Transportation Highway Transport Division, Germany, 1952. Yearbook 1952)
  The unit was activated in Frankfurt am Main, Germany on 20 March 1948 as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 24th Transportation Truck Battalion.

24th Trans Bn - originally headquartered at Edwards Barracks, Frankfurt a.M., on left side of the Homburger Landstrasse.
This Battalion was formed as a result of the Berlin Blockade, and no unit of the Army can claim a larger share of credit for the Berlin Airlift than can the 24th Transportation Truck Battalion. From the first day when General Lucius Clay started the unprecedented program of feeding and supplying one of the world's greatest cities entirely by air, the 24th Transportation Truck Battalion worked without let-up transporting supplies -- coal, flour, clothing -- from Frankfurt Military Post to Rhein Main Air Base, where they were loaded on to planes and flown to Berlin.

The Airlift brought new hope and morale to an astonished world, and no small part of the credit for its success must go to the 24th Transportation Truck Battalion, which was in on the beginning of the operation and carried it through to its valiant completion. Without the men who made the Airlift possible, there is no question that the Western Powers would long since have been forced out of Berlin, and it is no exaggeration to say that the 24th Transportation Truck Battalion bore the brunt of the Airlift.

On 2 December 1949, the unit was reorganized and redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 24th Transportation Truck Battalion.
ORGANIZATION (end of 1952):


HHD, 24th Trans Bn Francois Ksn, Hanau  
67th Trans Co (Hv Trk) Hanau [1]  
68th Trans Co (Hv Trk) Hanau [1]  
76th Trans Co (Hv Trk) Hanau [1]  
254th Trans Co (Trk) Hanau [1]  
[1] STATION List, 15 Dec 1952
The Battalion today (end of 1952) comprises four assigned Companies: the 67th, 68th, 76th, and 254th Transportation Truck Companies.

The 254th joined the Battalion on 1 September 1952, replacing the 83rd Transportation Truck Company, which was reassigned to the 53rd Transportation Truck Battalion.

The 24th Transportation Truck Battalion is at present located at Francois Kaseme, in the town of Hanau. Prior to the Battalion's arrival there on 17 July 1951, it was stationed in Edwards Kaserne, in Frankfurt.

The present Kaserne was utilized initially as a Displaced Persons camp, and the spruce appearance of the Kaserne today is an excellent reflection on the men who took it over. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Weadock took command of the Battalion on 15 March 1952. The Battalion flag bears two battle streamers from World War II: the Rhineland and Central Europe.
On 1 April 1953, the units was once more reorganized and redesignated, this time as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 24th Transportation Battalion.

On 25 December 1957 the Battalion was inactivated in Germany.

1. Parade (KB)

2. Parade (KB)

If you have more information on the history or organization of the 24th Transportation Truck Bn, please contact me.

(Source: Email from Bill Greer, HHC, 24th Trans Bn, 1957-58)

SO #73, 1957
I was stationed in Ludwigsburg's at Karls Kaserne from August 1957 until August 1958. At the time I arrived there it was the 24th Trans Battalion. I was assigned to Hq. Co. At this time the 68th, 70th, and the 501st Transportation Companies were all at Karls Kaserne.

It appears from my papers, that the unit was changed to the 28th Transportation Battalion in 1958. 

By the time I was to be discharged, the 68th and 70th had all been moved to another location and I was reassigned to the 501st until my discharge in August of 1958.
I was a PFC  while stationed in Ludwigsburg. I still have my original 201 file and I used it to refresh my memory and get the correct dates. If you need any information from it, just let me know.

My wife and 4 month old daughter came to Ludwigsburg and I was allowed to live off base. We lived in a small 2 room appartment above Motz Gasthaus. Although I was a truck driver, I spent my tour making charts and maps for the officers in the batallion.

This was quite an experience and one I will never forget.
Bill Greer on the USNS General Simon B. Buckner which transported most troops during that periodt.

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