Carl Schurz Kaserne, Bremerhaven
Ulrich Urban)
Map of the Bremerhaven Dock Area on Uli's drafting table, 1980.
Annotations added by the webmaster: 1. - Building at the Kaiserhafen I Basin used by the US Army - possibly repair work done by the German contrator MWB; 2. - General Cargo Terminal Shed used for storing AAFES non-perishable goods; 3. - the new Columbus Train Station (replaced the old train station around 1962); 4. - four warehouses (A - D) used for storing supplies and equipment (furniture, electronics, spare parts, etc.) by the 543rd ASG; 5. - "Banana Shed" used by the AAFES for perishable goods; 6. - the former REEFER shed replaced by the "Banana Shed" because it had become too small for the volume of goods coming through the port; 7. - two large packing centers used for handling household goods for US military personnel leaving or arriving in Europe; 8. - three "Gatehouses" used by the US Army as adminstration buildings, including offices for the Military Police (Customs?), 27th Transportation Battalion and the Marine Cargo Office.