Wartberg Kaserne, Pforzheim
Marco A., Germany)
On the far left - the road leading up to the main gate. In the center is the German Postal building, part of a large mail distribution facility (?) constructed on the site of the former Wartberg Kaserne.
More about Marco: I am a reserve officer in the German Army and live in Pforzheim. I am
very interested in the military history of Pforzheim! From 1957-1983, there was a Nike Missile unit ("D" Btry, 3-71st ADA) in the Hagenschieß Forest. Do you have more information about the area and the unit? Do you also have information about the "Wartbergkaserne" (also in Pforzheim) a former US facility (before it changed to a Bundeswehr barracks)? Thank you very much for any possible information!