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Seventh Army
US Army, Europe

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

Combat Support Theater Army Reorganization (COSTAR II)
(Source: Seventh Army Annual History, 1965)
Reorganization of Seventh Army - 1965
The reorganization of Seventh Army under the COSTAR concept began during the Fourth Quarter of FY 65. Essentially, the conversion was aimed at freeing a Theater Army of the burden of administration and logistics during war. Moreover, a rapid "peacetime to wartime" posture could be attained. The important considerations involved were: Funding (long and short term); physical plants and facilities; personnel requirements and turbulence; selection of workable TOE's; and the impact on current peacetime commitments in Germany.

In June 1965 the Seventh Army Support Command (SUPCOM) was activated under GO 136 and located at Panzer Kaserne, Böblingen, Germany. The function and missions of the Seventh Army technical services and a number of staff responsibilities were relinquished to the SUPCOM. 30 November 1965 was the completion date for all reorganization actions required under the COSTAR reorganization except for the activation of a Military Police Brigade. (Webmaster Note: unit history information on the 15th MP Bde Page indicates that the preceding statement is not quite correct - the 15th MP Bde was activated on 25 June 1965.)

As of this report (end of 1965), all Army combat service support units have been placed under the operational control of SUPCOM except Army Postal units, the band, the Car Companies, two Medical detachments, and one Military Police Company.

Major General David B. Parker was assigned as the first commander of Seventh Army SUPCOM.
(Source: Letter from DCSPER to CINCUSAREUR, 8 May 1965)
3. Units approved for inactivation and/or discontinuance are as follows:
3759th Stock Control Center discontinue
HHC, 15th Chemical Group  
9th & 11th Chem Co    
HHC, 521st Engineer Group    
  24th, 27th, 68th, 78th, 964th, 261st & 587th Engr Co    
  984th Engr Co  
  12th Med Co    
  163rd Med Bn, HHD    
  HHD, 47th Ordnance Group    
  53rd, 10th, 42nd, 546th, 569th, 571st & 40th Ord Co    
  515th, 115th, 254th & 517th Ord Det    
HHD, 2nd & 6th Quartermaster Group
504th Sig Bn
557th Sig Co
7th Trans Aviation Group discontinue
HHD, 41st Trans Bn
246th Trans Co
149th Trans Det
HHD, 10th Transportation Group
152nd Trans Det
HHD, 125th Trans Bn
Co A & B, 242nd QM Bn
4. The following units should be reorganized less personnel and equipment during Fourth Quarter, FY 1965; then redesignated and/or reorganized as indicated in paragraph 6 and 7, during First Quarter, FY 1966:
HHD, 47th & 51st Ordnance Group
50th Ord Co
5. Units approved for activation are as follows:
Hq, Hq Co & Sp Trp, 7th Field Army Spt Comd  
HHC, 1st Spt Bde (Rear)
HHC, 2nd Spt Bde (V Corps)
HHC, 3rd Spt Bde (VII Corps)
HHD, 7th Invt Con Cen
HHC, 7th Medical Bde
65th MP Co
HHC, 107th Trans Bde
Hq & Co A, 1st Maint Bn (DS)
613th Sup Co (Gen)
619th Sup Co (Hv Materiel)
621st Sup Co (Gen)
622nd Sup Co (Hv Materiel)
626th Sup Co (Rep Parts)
602nd Svc Co (Fld)
620th Sup Co (Rep Parts)
627th Svc Co (Fld)
628th Sup Co (Rep Parts)
155th, 179th, 279th Sig Plat (Spt)
HHD, 97th QM Bn (Petrl Sup)(Army)
Co A (Mdm Trk Petrl), 97th QM Bn
656th & 657th QM Co (Petrl Sup)(Fwd)
6. No change in designation is required for the following units. The COSTAR II function is shown in parenthesis:
HHD, 4th, 29th, 38th & 181st Trans Bn (Trk)
HHD, 205th Trans Bn (Gen Spt)
48th, 245th & 661st Trans Co (Acft Maint)(GS)
29th, 30th, 42nd & 591st Trans Co (Acft Maint)(DS)
12th, 34th, 100th, 396th, 547th, 590th, 35th, 39th, 41st, 342nd & 596th Trans Co (Lt-Med Trk)
15th & 533rd Trans Co (Mdm Trk Cgo)
144th, 184th, 501st & 663rd Ord Co (Ammo)(DS/GS)
545th, 28th, 23rd & 50th Ord Co (Sp Ammo)(DS)
644th & 535th Ord Co (Ammo)(DS/GS)
579th Ord Co (GM)(Gen Spt)
7. The following units are approved for redesignation. The COSTAR II function is shown in parenthesis:
HHD, 8th Trans Bn HHC, 18th Avn Bn
4th Trans Co 4th Avn Co (Mdm Hel)
90th Trans Co 90th Avn Co (Mdm Hel)
11th Trans Co 231st Avn Co (Fxd Wing)
49th Trans Gp HHD, 49th Trans Cen (Mov Con)
HHD, 15th Ord Bn HHC, 15th Ord Bn (Ammo)(DS)
HHD, 84th Ord Bn HHC, 84th Ord Bn (Ammo)(DS)
HHD, 101st Ord Bn HHC, 101st Ord Bn (Ammo)(DS)
14th Ord Co Co B (Lt Maint), 1st Maint Bn (DS)
15th Ord Co Co C (Lt Maint), 1st Maint Bn (DS)
HHD, 85th Ord Bn Hq & Co A (Main Spt), 85th Maint Bn (DS)
22nd Ord Co Co B (Lt Maint), 85th Maint Bn (DS)
557th Ord Co Co C (Lt Maint), 85th Maint Bn (DS)
HHD, 51st Ord Gp Hq & Co A (Main Spt), 51st Maint Bn (DS)
504th Ord Co Co B (Lt Maint), 51st Maint Bn (DS)
6th Ord Co Co C (Lt Maint), 51st Maint Bn (DS)
HHD, 71st Ord Bn Hq & Co A (Main Spt), 71st Maint Bn (DS)
537th Ord Co Co B (Lt Maint), 71st Maint Bn (DS)
556th Ord Co Co C (Lt Maint), 71st Maint Bn (DS)
HHD, 19th Ord Bn Hq & Co A (Main Spt), 19th Maint Bn (DS)
18th Ord Co Co B (Lt Maint), 19th Maint Bn (DS)
48th Ord Co Co C (Lt Maint), 19th Maint Bn (DS)
43rd Ord Co 43rd Maint Co (Lt Equip)
68th Ord Co 68th Maint Co (Lt Equip)
517th Ord Co 517th Maint Co (Hv Equip)
531st Ord Co 531st Maint Co (Hv Equip)
91st Ord Co 91st Maint Co (Hv Equip)
881st Ord Co 881st Maint Co (Lt Equip)
507th Ord Co 507th Maint Co (Hv Equip)
88th Ord Co 88th Maint Co (Hv Equip)
543rd Ord Co 543rd Maint Co (Hv Equip)
HHD, 87th Ord Bn HHD, 87th Maint Bn (GS)
78th Ord Co 78th Maint Co (Lt Equip)
182nd Ord Co 182nd Maint Co (Lt Equip)
124th Ord Co 124th Maint Co (Hv Equip)
903rd Ord Co 903rd Maint Co (Hv Equip)
572nd Ord Co 572nd Maint Co (Hv Equip)
66th Ord Co 66th Maint Co (Hv Equip)
HHD, 81st Ord Bn Hq & Co A (Main Spt), 81st Maint Bn (DS)
77th Ord Co Co B (Lt Maint), 81st Maint Bn (DS)
81st Ord Co Co C (Lt Maint), 81st Maint Bn (DS)
HHC, 57th Ord Gp HHC, 57th Ord Bde (Ammo)
HHD, 15th QM Bn HHC, 15th Sup & Svc Bn (GS)(Army)
Co A, 15th QM Bn 12th Sup Co (GS)(Army)
Co B, 15th QM Bn 14th Sup Co (GS)(Army)
Co C, 15th QM Bn 16th Sup Co (Fld)
HHD, 56th QM Bn HHC, 56th Sup & Svc Bn (DS)(Army)
HHD, 14th QM Bn HHC, 14th Sup & Svc Bn (GS)(Fwd)
Co A, 14th QM Bn 24th Sup Co (Fld)
Co B, 14th QM Bn 18th Sup Co (GS)(Fwd)
HHD, 308th QM Bn HHC, 308th Sup & Svc Bn (GS)(Fwd)
Co A, 308th QM Bn Co A, 308th Sup & Svc Bn (GS)(Fwd)
Co B, 308th QM Bn Co B, 308th Sup & Svc Bn (GS)(Fwd)
HHD, 95th QM Bn HHC, 95th Sup & Svc Bn (GS)(Fwd)
Co A, 95th QM Bn 25th Sup Co (GS)(Fwd)
Co B, 95th QM Bn 55th Sup Co (GS)(Fwd)
HHD, 35th QM Bn HHC, 35th Sup & Svc Bn (DS)(Army)
Co A, 35th QM Bn Co A, 35th Sup & Svc Bn (DS)(Army)
Co B, 35th QM Bn Co B, 35th Sup & Svc Bn (DS)(Army)
HHD, 242nd QM Bn HHC, 242nd Sup & Svc Bn
63rd Med Det 63rd Med Co (Air Amb)
8. Recommended designation of units to be assigned to Supply and Services General Support Battalions listed below. The composition of the Supply and Services Direct Support Battalions are contained in paragraph 7:
a. HHC, 14th Sup & Svc Bn (GS)(Fwd)
626th Sup Co (Rep Parts)
24th Svc Co (Fld)
622nd Sup Co (Hv Materiel)
35th Trans Co (Lt-Mdm Trk)
b. HHC, 15th Sup & Svc Bn (GS)(Fwd)
12th & 14th Sup Co (GS)(Army)
620th Sup Co (Rep Parts)
16th Svc Co (Fld)
619th Sup Co (Hv Materiel)
342nd Trans Co (Lt-Mdm Trk)
c. HHC, 95th Sup & Svc Bn (GS)(Fwd)
620th Sup Co (Rep Parts)
613th, 25th & 55th Sup Co (GS)(Fwd)
602nd & 627th Svc Co (Fld)
596th Trans Co (Lt-Mdm Trk)
656th & 657th QM Co (Petrl Sup)
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