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Baumholder Army Airfield
Seventh Army Aviation

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.


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Baumholder Army Airfield, 1960s (Juan Alvarez)

Operations building and tower, Baumholder AAF, 1958 (Marvin Hornbostel)

Hangar, Baumholder AAF, 1958 (Marvin Hornbostel)
(Source: Email from Jon Hornbostel, son of Marvin Hornbostel who served with the 8th Aviation Co, 1957-58)
My father, Marvin Hornbostel, and I would like to contribute to your wonderful website.

He served with the US Army in the 8th Aviation Company in 1957-58.

We have found a few photos which he says he took at Baumholder AAF, and are looking for more.

1. Visiting L-19s

2. H-13 at fuel stand

3. Opertions Bldg

4. Break shack

5. Det personnel

6. Visiting German officers

7. L-19

8. L-20

9. Parking ramp

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