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Rhine Ordnance Depot
USAREUR Ordnance Division

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Depot History
1948 - 19..
(Source: Rhine Ordnance Depot, 5th Anniversary, 1948-53)
Rhine Ordnance Depot was activated 30 April 1948 as Rhine General Depot. Transfer of other services from the Depot resulted in its redesignation as an Ordnance Depot on 1 September 1951. It is located about half way between Mannheim, Germany, and Metz, France, in the central plateau of the Rhinepfalz Province of Germany in the French Zone.

When initially established, the Depot was created quietly in the French Zone. For the first year the small garrison lived to tents. Then wooden prefabricated barracks replaced the tents and served as living quarters for two more years until 1951, when two fine new barracks and a mess hall were added. An additional three new barracks are at present being constructed to house labor service personnel.

At first, the only paved road within the depot boundaries was the autobahn which bisected the Depot and which was closed to the public. All stores were placed in the open and covered with tarps. All mechanical and administrative work took place in jerry-built canvas-and-wood structures.

In the spring of 1951 the "wraps" were lifted from the Depot and it began to grow. Scores of miles of roads have been paved, the area of the Depot has doubled, and a number of enormous buildings have been erected to serve as maintenance and processing shops, tire storage and battery rebuild.

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Rhine Ord Depot


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(Source: Annual Historical Report, HQ USAREUR, 1 Jan 1953-30 June 1954, HQ USAREUR, 1955 )
Relocation of Seventh Army Strategic Ammunition

War games experience in late 1953 and early 1954 indicated to Seventh Army the necessity for relocating the theater strategic ammunition stocks from the Rhine Ordnance Depot to the Rhine Ammunition Depot, in order to minimize loss from bomb strikes or air drops. Ammunition tonnages at both depots were practically the same -- 67,000 tons of reserve stocks for Special Theater Reserve No. 1 at Rhine Ordnance Depot and 62,500 tons of ammunition, including all training ammunition, at Rhine Ammunition Depot.

All operational interests of USAREUR in the Rhine Ordnance Depot were to be phased out by 1 July 1954, when the depot was scheduled to be transferred to Seventh Army control.

In January 1954 Seventh Army requested USAREUR permission for the proposed relocation, a movement that would consist mostly of a paper transfer of the ammunition stored in the two depots. USAREUR approved the request on 22 April 1954 on condition that no additional construction, personnel, or equipment would be required to accomplish the transfer.
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